Students Speak: Christopher Menezes (Poetry)

Today we feature one of our poetry students who will be completing his Master’s of Fine Arts this June 2018, Christopher Menezes.  We look forward to his craft lecture and final reading and can’t wait to see what he does next.


Tell us about your creative work—do you have a preferred genre or aesthetic? Are there forms you want to try?

My main genre is poetry. I have written some fiction and am interested in both non-fiction and fiction. Through my time at Converse, I have learned how non-fiction and poetry share a common aesthetic, as does fiction, just one more step removed, which has peaked my interest in all genres really.

Why did you decide to pursue your MFA? What did you find most attractive about our low residency program and the low residency format? 

It was always a goal of mine to pursue an MFA for a few reasons. I really wanted to become a better writer, and I wanted to produce a book of poetry, but I didn’t know how to. I also wanted to teach writing at a university and knew getting an MFA would be the next step towards that. I was working full-time, running my own business, publishing community magazines in Durham, NC, and I couldn’t just step away from that to become a full-time student. The low-residency format allowed me the flexibility to pursue my dreams without checking out of reality. I am a very self-motivated, driven person, and l knew that I would get out of the program exactly what I put into it. I knew I could do the work on my own, and I loved the idea of working one-on-one with a successful writer/professor. I would get all of their attention and not risk getting lost in a classroom. What attracted me to Converse was how reasonably priced it was and how close it was to where I lived. However, I was very ignorant about the literary world and did not know how amazing the faculty actually was. After having gone through the program, as a fourth-semester student, I am very grateful to have been mentored by such fantastic writers and professors. ChrisMeneses

In what ways do you hope your writing will be further developed by our Converse core faculty, visiting faculty, and students? Do you have any writing goals you hope to accomplish?

I hoped my writing would be further developed by being exposed to an eclectic range of styles and theories from an array of authors. I definitely received that. My writing goals are to continue developing my craft through reading and learning from other writers. I also want to continue to write and put together poetry books. I feel like the low-residency program at Converse has equipped me to do that.

In addition to your work on writing craft, how has the Converse program helped you in terms of navigating the publishing marketplace?

The knowledge that the faculty has shared in regards to the publishing market, and their experience with it, was very enlightening. Also, my experience working with South 85 Literary Journal gave me a sneak peak as to what it’s like to be on the other side of the submission process. I feel very confident in how to proceed with the publishing marketplace from here.

Why would you recommend the Converse College Low Residency Program to an MFA applicant?

It empowers you and teaches you how to incorporate a life of writing into your existing life. You don’t have to sacrifice time away from your career or family to pursue your dreams of writing. You can also make valuable connections, not just with the faculty, but with your peers. The most valuable thing I received from the program was the relationships I made with other writers in my class. We can continue supporting each other, critiquing and workshopping our writing long after the program has ended.


Thanks to Chris for sharing his experience with the Converse Low-Residency MFA Program.  You will be greatly missed!



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