South 85: A Journal and an Opportunity


At Converse, our low-residency MFA is not just about reading and writing and studying and writing and revising and writing some more.  (Though it is a lot about that.)  We also have other opportunities for students to grow as writers/publishers/editors and more through our online literary journal, South 85.  Founded in 2012, our semi-annual online journal is fully staffed by students and alumni who lend their talents in more ways than just reading submissions.

Debby DeRosa, the current managing editor, has grown the journal to include reviews, more artwork, and even a blog.  With even bigger plans for the future of the journal, the opportunities for any of our MFA students who would like to participate are endless.  As DeRosa said, “Not only do we have plenty of writing (blog posts and reviews), reading, and editing opportunities, but we welcome and encourage input of how we can improve in other areas.  The journal is truly the collective effort of our students and graduates.”

So, as the application deadline creeps steadily closer (October 1, 2017!), be sure to check out the current issue of our journal (and the South 85 blog too, while you are at it.)  We think you will be impressed by the quality of the work and excited about the opportunity to collaborate with such a professional and talented staff.


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