What a Residency is Like…in Pictures

So you’re interested in a low residency MFA but don’t know what to expect?  Well, we could tell you about the faculty craft lectures, the workshops, the one-on-one conferences with your faculty mentor, the lifelong friendships that are made, but why not show you what a residency looks like?

8024239734_60834369fe_kFirst there are the craft lectures in our state-of-the-art lecture hall, Dalton Auditorium.

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Then there are the workshops.  Sharing your work with others can be scary at first, but you’ll soon find that everyone just wants you to succeed.

Some of your most important time during the residency will be spent one-on-one with your faculty mentor, planning out your semester’s reading and writing plan and nailing down your goals for growth as a writer.

Graduating MFA students give craft lectures and readings in front of peers and faculty.

But there is still time for fun and fellowship.  The low-residency experience lends itself to building close friendships with colleagues.


If you’re still not sure if the Converse College Low Residency MFA is right for you, we now offer a brief immersion residency and a lecture pass option for those who want to give the program a try without the commitment.

No matter what your interest in the program, feel free to contact us at:


Rick Mulkey, Director
(864) 596-9685

Sarah Gray, Associate Director
(864) 596-9550

Paula Cash, Administrative Assistant
(864) 596-9678


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