That Time We Joined the 21st Century

IMG_8927Converse College Low Residency MFA officially has its own Instagram account, and we did it all without once saying, “THE Instagram” or “THE Twitter.”  All of us at the Converse College Low Residency MFA office are feeling quite smug and hip and think our account is on fleek.  Too far?  Too far.  Old fogies aside, we’d love to include you, our followers, current students, prospective students, alumni, and just anyone who loves good literature and the people who write it. If you have a new publication coming out, send us a pic of that too, and we’ll #filter the heck out of that thing and share it. Send in your pics to the office at for us to share on the ‘Gram.  (We slipped into old fogey again, didn’t we?)  What are you reading?  What books are on your personal reading plan for the semester?  How tall is your TBR stack(“to be read list” for the uninitiated.)?  Looking forward to some fun pics and a chance to promote our amazing program, students, faculty, and alumni. And filters.  I really want to play with filters.


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