How to Make the Most Out of Your MFA Experience

Are you considering applying to a low-residency MFA program?  Already working your way through your second or third residency?  Here’s some sound advice from some of our current faculty:8024243383_27296bcaf8_z (1)“Take this time to experiment with your work and to be open to new ways of writing and new ideas.  Also, this is the only time in your life (probably) when you will be part of an intense community of writers, all working towards the same goal of perfecting their art and craft, all carefully reading and evaluating your work—so, especially during the on-site residencies, be sure to spend time interacting with other students and teachers to develop relationships with other writers that will sustain you after you finish the program.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually difficult to develop as a writer if you’re a total hermit!” Leslie Pietrzyk

“Have courage.  Be determined.  Write deliberately.” Robert Olmstead

“As I said before, I would suggest using the program to help establish life-long writing routines.  Also, I think that the forming positive relationships with other MFA students and with MFA faculty members is really important.  Finally, I think that it is important to read all the literature that is introduced to you while you are in the program, and to observe how the professional writers who teach in this program conduct themselves.  All the faculty members who are teaching in this program are successful writers, but they have worked hard to earn their reputations.  It is useful to observe the many ways that writers are able to balance their lives with their writing careers successfully.” Susan Tekulve


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