Getting Ready for June Residency 2017

While it may seem like we just wrapped up the January residency, June is fast approaching, and the program is working on some exciting new offerings for the upcoming residency.  The first of our “firsts” is the addition of this blog.  Over the next few months, you’ll be hearing from our faculty and students, what they’re reading, what they’re writing, and what they think about that pesky Oxford comma.  It’s simply too long between January and June, and we want to keep in touch with all our students, faculty, and alumni throughout the year, as well as giving prospective students a glimpse into our exciting (and friendly) program.

Another addition to this residency is our MFA Alumni Days, Thursday, June 8th, and Friday, June 9th, a time for our valued alumni to come together for fellowship, learning, and a good, old-fashioned workshop.  Alumni, be sure to have your registration and fees in my May 1st to not miss out on the fun.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of an MFA program, but you’re not ready to commit to two years of life-changing work, we are now pleased to offer two options that allow prospective students to give our program a try.  The first is an Immersion Residency program where students can listen to lectures and participate in workshops, just like a low-residency MFA student.  The difference?  The cost is significantly less than a full semester, and your work ends when the residency does.  Another low-cost option is our Lecture Pass, which allows prospective students to sit in on faculty lectures on everything from fiction to poetry to literary criticism.  So if you’re not ready to commit to an MFA, please consider checking out non-credit options to see if Converse College is right for you.

The last of the firsts is a change in faculty.  Our brave and fearless leader, Rick Mulkey, will be on sabbatical this semester, and so the June residency will be overseen by the new Associate Director, Sarah Gray.  Sarah is a graduate of the program and a huge fan of Converse College in general.  Poetry faculty member and all-around amazing person, Denise Duhamel,  will be lending her a hand throughout the residency, so if anything goes wrong, remember to blame the new person!

We look forward to seeing all of our returning students and alumni in less than two months, and if writing hard and making friendships that last for years after graduation sounds like something you’d like to do, call our office, click our links, or drop us an email. The place for your next book is here.


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